If you are TIRED of:

  • Counting calories and not getting results
  • Cutting on carbs and not burning fat at all
  • Spending long hours in the gym without results
  • The same boring exercise routines
  • Sacrificing your favorite foods for nothing

Then this is for you. Because you don’t need any of that to lose weight, burn fat and get the physique of your dreams!

You Are Doing It Wrong…
But It’s Not Your Fault!

Chances are you are following the same advice most people on this earth get when they try to burn fat: “EAT LESS AND EXERCISE MORE”… Well, I have to tell you something very important: A BIG PART OF IT IS WRONG!

If you think that the unique way to burn fat and get the physique you dream with is by following horrible and restrictive diets while spending endless hours at the gym… then you need to learn something: IT’S NOT THE BEST WAY TO GO!

My bad if I go against what the fitness industry officially recommends… and it’s time for you discover how you can lose weight, burn fat and get the physique of your dreams in less time than you think.

And this is something I discover once I got FED UP with no getting results… and today I’m sharing it with you. This secret changed my life, because it made something magical: It made my body store less fat. And this is how I could lose 35lbs of weight, and this trick can also do the same for you.

I Always Struggled With My Weight…
A Big Problem in My Life

My name is John Thompson and I was not ok with my body. I could not pass one single day without thinking on how fat and out of shape I was… it was something tormenting my life, a great load I had to carry on my back. Was it my fate to be fat for the rest of my life? Was there something I could do it fix it being 42 years old? There was something…

Being fat affected my life in all senses: I did not have confidence in myself at all, I had poor relationships with the rest of people, I feel depressed and demotivated, I did not feel happy at all and I was always scared…

Scared of what? You know that being fat is more than an aesthetics problem, it’s also a danger for your health. I was scare of suffering a heart stroke, being diagnosed with diabetes or developing any other disease related to obesity (there are MANY of them).

So it was me: Not confidence at all, not happy with myself and always scared about my health. Maybe you are in the same position as me right now… but I decided to do something about it, and you have the same choice to take the key which will open the door to your new and better life, where you are much leaner and healthier!

But then one day everything change, and it was the day when I decided to STOP following the advice from the fitness industry and decided to do something radically different. That’s why I have decided to build The 4 Week Flat Belly System, so you can also apply it and see big results in a short time!

You are more than tired… you are EXHAUSTED! You cannot stand any longer, and I understand that very well, because I was also SICK to the nerve of gaining ALL the weight back after all the effort I made to lose it.

Do you HATE dieting? Well, so do I! I hated it and still do it. They are boring, restrictive and don’t bring results at all. It’s like pouring water in a bottomless jar… it will never fill and it will never work!

I offer you the same solution that worked for me. A program especially designed for people like you, who want to lose weight without dieting or spending much time at the gym. You are a busy person, therefore, you need a solution that fits your lifestyle!

This program is for YOU, because it’s nothing like a diet. It’s not restrictive, it’s not boring and it will bring you results very fast. Sounds like the perfect solution, doesn’t it? If you want results without suffering, then this is for you.

  • No more cutting carbs. You can use a much better approach which brings better results!
  • Forget about counting calories forever!
  • Forget about the gym at all, you can get in shape in the comfort of your own home!
  • No more horrible and “healthy” foods, just tasty, delicious and really healthy food!
  • Get results that stick!

Do you like what you see? Then The 4 Week Flat Belly System is all you need. The perfect solution for people who HATE dieting and want to get long-lasting results in a fast and effective manner.

If a former weak, fat and demotivated 42-year old man could transform his body and change his life, then you can do the same, and I have no doubt that you can do even better than I. You have the power to make it happen!

What Will You Get In The 4 Week Flat Belly System

The Foundation

This is the main pillar of the program. Here you will find ALL the secrets I used to lose 35 lbs. of weight in record time, and how you can do it as well. No more “bro science”, just plain, simple and effective science-proven advice to melt all of that fat in a record time! Here’s what you will learn:

  • How to optimize your fat loss hormones to burn fat like a real machine. This is something you won’t learn at the gym, your typical fitness blog or with your nutritionist. This is what will make a REAL difference in your life, what will force your body to store LESS fat and burn MORE of it!
  • Why carbs are not the problem! Don’t buy into the hype of low-carb diets. They work, that’s for sure, but there are better ways to accomplish the same thing without suffering more than needed. Here you will learn how you can burn fat while still enjoying them!
  • Why fat is not the problem! Have you been told that eating fat makes you fat? Well, here you will learn how it’s completely FALSE and how, to the contrary of what you have been taught, it can help you to melt the fat stored in your body!
  • How to stop cravings! Struggling with cravings? Are they the reason you always fail? You will learn how to STOP them and get them out of the way!
  • Complete instructions on how to follow the whole plan, I will guide you by the hand, so you can get the same results as me and many other people who have already achieve the physique of their dreams!
  • The complete and easy-to-follow philosophy of eating that will bring you real and long-lasting results. Build powerful habits for amazing results in a short time!

The Meal Plan

Tired of horrible recipes? Tired of following diets with dishes which are far from being delicious? Then you all you need is found right here.

You CAN eat delicious food and lose weight at the same time. In this book you will find over 30 recipes which are:

  • Very easy to prepare so anyone can prepare them in a short time
  • Very economic, even if you are in a very tight budget and cannot afford luxurious ingredients
  • Tasty and delicious, because healthy food doesn’t have to be tasteless and horrendous!

A 4-week plan to change your body, fill you with energy and make you feel awesome… like never before! It’s time to sculpt your body while regaining health, that’s what your life deserves!

“Dieting” was never easier. You just need to follow the philosophy of eating, use these recipes and see how your body starts melting fat just like butter on a hot pan!

Don’t sacrifice the flavor in order to burn fat. Never feel restricted ever again. Eat DELICIOUS food while you drop off those extra pounds like magic!

These are going to be the happiest and tastiest 4 weeks of your life! Guaranteed!

The Workout Plan

You don’t really need to spend endless hours at the gym or even step into one to burn fat. You can do much better at home and in less time, there’s an easier way to work out and get much better results.

I was like you, I used to think that I had to run for endless hours on a treadmill to burn fat and get the body I wanted, but I was so wrong… that’s how I found this way of training at home, which uses the powerful calisthenics to burn fat and make you look awesome!

I was like you, I used to think that I had to run for endless hours on a treadmill to burn fat and get the body I wanted, but I was so wrong… that’s how I found this way of training at home, which uses the powerful calisthenics to burn fat and make you look awesome!

Would you like to look amazing naked? Then you need this way of working out. You don’t need anything else besides some simple equipment, 20-25 minutes and that’s it.

People will be SHOCKED when they discover you don’t spend hours in the gym, because you are going to look simply AMAZING, without having to invest so much time.

All the exercises are fully explained, so you can get down to action as soon as possible. And don’t worry, because here you will also find the secrets that allowed me to get started and stick with this way of working out.

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It’s Possible to Lose Weight without Gaining It Back!

The Foundation+The Meal Plan+The Workout Plan

are all you need to burn fat, sculpt your body and all without gaining it back. It will never happen, mark it on your book.

But why? Because it’s completely different to dieting. Here you will learn how to attack this problem from a completely new perspective, by optimizing your hormones, training the most effective way to BURN FAT and eating the right way.


Let’s change your life. Allow yourself to receive such a great gift, because you deserve to live an amazing life, and here you have the key to open that door. Are you going to waste this opportunity?

Real Results From Real People


You Are Fully Protected By a 60-day Money-back Guarantee

I know this program is going to change your life. I’m so sure of that, that I’m going to give you a 60-day money-back guarantee. No question asked. If you…

  • Don’t get the results you expect with the program within 60 days
  • If you find this way too complicate and hard to follow and sustain in the long term
  • If you find this program to be nothing sort of extraordinary

Then, I’m going to give you your money back with no questions asked. I’m pretty sure you will love this program, but here you have this money-back guarantee which protects you during 60 days!

Zero Risk!

Have you never bought online before? Don’t worry, because there’s ZERO risk! The checkout page is very secure, in order to protect your financial info.

You will only have to fill your name and payment information and click the button. Once the order has been processed (just a few seconds), you will get full access to all the products, so you can download them to your PC, tablet or smartphone!

You Will Get All the Products Instantly

You won’t have to wait for slow delivery. You will ALL the products instantly. Just get The 4 Week Flat Belly System and you will get access to all the products in just a few seconds. You can the follow the program from your PC, tablet, smartphone or any other device. I’ve made it easy for you, so you don’t have any excuse not to follow this program! No need to wait. Just get the program and you will receive them as soon as possible, so you can get down to action and start seeing results!

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Will You Allow This Opportunity To Run Away?

You have the guarantees. You know it has worked for me and you know the plan is solid. Then… what’s holding you back? Will you really allow this opportunity to run away? The perfect time to take action is right now, it’s the time to change your life to get the body of your dreams and finally feel good about yourself!

Just click the button and get this program that’s going to change your life if you want it.

Regular Price: $67 Today: $37

To Your Success,

John Thompson 4WeekFlatBelly.com

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